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24-hour Emergency Roofing Services

  Mitigate the Damage with 24-hour Emergency Roofing Services

Whether a summer thunderstorm came through or a blizzard dumped feet of snow on your home, it can cause severe damage to your roof. At the first signs of a leak or torn shingles in your yard, give Colson Roofing Inc. a call anytime of the day or night and get it fixed today. As a local 24-hour emergency roofing service, we can be out to your property in a few hours and take steps to ensure that further damage is not caused due to continued exposure.

Responsive and Professional Ottawa Roofing Contractors for the Win

When you have the leak in the roof fixed as soon as possible, you limit the damage inside your home or business. Water stains, corrosion, and even damage to carpeting and furniture can end up costing you far more to replace compared to a speed fix by your Ottawa roofing contractors. Our emergency roofers will do a thorough inspection of the damage, apply tarps to stop water incursion, and schedule a quick repair.

Full-Service Company can Repair, Replace, or Re-Slope as Needed

Sometimes storm and wind damage can highlight an underlying problem with your roof. If it has been more than fifteen years since you last had your shingles replaced, our Ottawa roofing contractors may determine that it is time for a full shingle replacement. Flat roofs may only need a simple patch to keep you dry. If you are experiencing repeated water problems in your garage, it may need to be re-sloped to put a halt to the damage.

Never hesitate to call! Our 24-hour emergency roofing services are here to help you maintain a safe and healthy home or business. Give Colson Roofing Inc. a call anytime of the day or use our easy online contact form for a speedy fix.

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