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At Colson Roofing Inc. we recognize that choosing a reputable, trusted contractor can be overwhelming.  There are many things to consider when choosing your roofing contractor.  Be sure to do your research to ensure that you are choosing the right one.  Your home is important, and having a quality roof installed to protect your family should be too. 

Here are just a few things to consider:

Is the contractor insured?

Roofers who do not have proper insurance will be cheaper to hire as they do not have large insurance premiums to pay.  They may be new in business, can’t afford insurance, or maybe they don’t stand behind their work as promised.  Insured contractors will be able to provide proof of liability and WSIB insurance upon request.

Is the contractor licensed?

Be sure to hire a licensed contractor, with a valid HST number.

Is the contractor asking for payment up front?

This is a major red flag!  An established, reputable business would NOT ask you to do this.  

Does the contractor have good reviews and/or references?

It never hurts to ask for references or to check online to see if any reviews, bad or good, are found.  If the contractor is confident in their work and reputation, they should have no problem providing references when requested.

How is the customer service?

Was the contractor responsive in getting back to you?  Were they informative when questions were asked?  This is important since if an issue were to ever occur with your new roof, knowing the contractor will be responsive to your immediate needs and/or concerns will help give you peace of mind. 

Will you be provided with a written contract and workmanship warranty?

Always make sure that you are provided with a written contract outlining the details of work to be completed and agreed upon, as well as a written workmanship warranty and receipt for proof of payment. 

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