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Ventilation Installations & Upgrades


Ventilation is a criterion required by shingle manufacturers in order to uphold their warranty.  The two essential benefits of an effective attic ventilation system are:


  • A cooler attic in summer

  • A dryer attic in winter

Summer heat, trapped in the attic, creates a furnace effect, heating ceiling insulation, which then conducts heat through to the ceiling, and this heat is then radiated downward into the home. This is why it is much warmer upstairs than downstairs in your home. Other problems that arise by this are the curling, or the bleeding of shingles, and the warping of the sheathing. The air conditioner is working continuously to cool down the home.

Winter conditions create a different type of problem. During the cold months, the air inside the home is warmer and carries more water vapor than the colder, dryer air in the attic. Cooking, laundry, showers, humidifiers and other activities using water contribute to this condition. Condensation moisture within an attic or ceiling space can dampen and compress insulation. Even small amounts of condensation can have a substantial effect in reducing the value of the insulation, thus creating faster heat loss into the attic space. This will eventually lead to mold, mildew, rot, ice damming, etc.

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