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Skylight Replacement Companies

  Enjoy More Natural Light with Skylight Replacement Companies

Do you have a skylight, but it is dull, scratched, or even leaks? Bring the light back to your home with a local skylight replacement company. Colson Roofing Inc. is a certified Velux skylight installer and we can execute the repair or replacement you need. As skylights age, their glass or plexiglass can become clouded, turning it into an eyesore instead of an upgrade. Skylights remain a great way to utilize natural light in your home and reduce the use of electricity in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.

Certified Velux Skylight Replacement Companies Do It Right

We understand how the skylight was originally installed, so when we come to repair or replace it, we do it without causing more damage to your home. If we are installing a new unit, we will take out the old unit, clean up the old caulking, and inspect the surrounding framing for wear and tear. We use only authorized installation kits as a Velux Skylight replacement company, so you are guaranteed a water-tight installation. Once the job is done, the dark corners of your home will once again be properly illuminated.

Sun Tunnels Brighten Dark Hallways and Bonus Attic Rooms

One of the most popular options in the Velux catalog are Sun Tunnels. Usually positioned on the outer edge of a roof, they use a rigid tunnel to direct light down to the ceiling of the intended room. These installations are a great option for bringing natural light into the bottom floor of your home while the tunnel is hidden behind the walls of your second floor rooms.

Pick up your phone and call Colson Roofing Inc. when you need a professional Velux skylight replacement company for your Ottawa area home. We will visit your home and provide a fast and accurate quote as soon as possible.

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